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VELLO bike
VELLO bike

It's hip, it's fast and it'sfoldable in a second! A high-performance, hand-made and lightweight foldingbike with innovative features designed for the perfect ride in the city!

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A new city experience

VELLObikes are folding bicycles developedfor urban mobility. They include some of the best features of a city, racingand folding bike, while also integrating new functions to cope with the demandsof the urban lifestyle. Its 20” wheels make the overall size of the bikesmaller than most other bikes and more responsive, perfect for the city wheremany stop-go motions are part of your everyday commute.

Thespecially developed folding mechanism combined with a magnetic shock absorberensures that the rear wheel can be brought forward with a simple rotarymovement. This enables the bike to be rolled along everywhere; you can push it intoa narrow lift or onto the subway. The front and rear lights are integratedinto the frame and the foldable fenders protect your clothing in all types of weather. 

Our story

Valentin is a product designer who’s been fascinatedwith mobility products and wheels ever since childhood. In preparation for atrip to the Caribbean with two friends he made the first prototypes of VELLO bike toexplore all corners of the country by bike, bus, train and occasionally car.

The trip was a true inspiration, and so he joined forces with Valerie Wolff, bike lover and startup enthusiast, to design a bike that is user-centred and to plan the market entry. The team eventually expanded to include Jakob Illera and Paris Maderna, mechanical engineers and product developers, to work on the details and to perfect the bike. The process involved drawing, redrawing, modeling, remodeling, building and rebuilding, testing and retesting - until all involved felt confident enough to put their stamp of quality on the folding bike.   

Here a picture of our first frame construction:

Now, 3 years down the road, we're ready: we would now like to introduce the VELLO, a bike that combines ease of fold with high-performance.  

Part of the VELLO bike team
Part of the VELLO bike team

Innovation in Designand Engineering

These innovative elementscan be found on all VELLO models:

New folding system. Half-folding and rolling with a simple kick! The specially designed, easy folding mechanism has been optimized in a way that you don’t need to bend nor hassle with various hinges. The bike can be folded in half with one move and in one second without having to use your hands. Just flip the back wheel with your foot and roll the compact bike wherever you need to go. Take it along with you into small elevators, to your office or onto busy public transportation systems!

Magnet release + suspension in one: specially developed magnet release system combined with rear suspension. It was developed in a way that both functions, the folding mechanism and the suspension, are integrated in one design element, thereby saving on extra weight. The suspension helps to smoothen the ride on bumpy streets or pavements. 

Steel frame and unique design. The unique unisex bike frame is stable and shock absorbent, thus perfect for any terrain in urban areas. The design patented steel frame is characterized by two parallel running frames giving it extra stability and durability.

Front- and backlights integrated into seat post clamps (patent pending). You can ride at any time of day or night without having to think about bringing your bicycle lights along and, as they are integrated, they are well protected against theft.

Personalized and unique bike identification code. The code serves as a deterrent against theft. Every bike comes with an ID code which can be linked to your online profile on the VELLO website. The ID, in the form of a code, is placed under the varnish to protect it from vandalization.

The VELLO Models

VELLO bike offers threeunique models to accommodate all riding styles in the city.

VELLO URBANO - for the relaxed ride
VELLO URBANO - for the relaxed ride
VELLO ROCKY - for the adventurous ride
VELLO ROCKY - for the adventurous ride
VELLO SPEEDSTER - for the fast ride
VELLO SPEEDSTER - for the fast ride

VELLO URBANO - designed for a relaxed ride

Urbano is fullyequipped for all types of weather. The fenders and lights are integrated in theframe making the bike a sturdy companion even in the rain and at night. A frontcarrier is included on the Urbano. 

•Use of high-end city bike components•Comfortable, upright sitting forleisurely explorations in the city. Fenders and rack included•Moustachehandlebars•8speeds•Straightriding position

VELLO ROCKY - designed for all terrains in the city

Rocky is built with trekking and MTB bike components. Equipped with tires for responsive handling, 10 speeds and straight handlebars, it defies rough patches in the city.

CHARACTERISTICS:•Use of high-end trekking bike components•Secure grip and straight handlebar allowing a slightly forward-leaning sitting posture•10 speeds•Fenders included

VELLO SPEEDSTER- designed for racing in the city

The narrowhigh-pressure tires and the drop racing handlebar allow for an aerodynamicriding position and minimal rolling resistance. Speedster has 10 speeds and isequipped with some of the best racing bike components.

CHARACTERISTICS:•Use of high-end racing bikecomponents•Narrow high-pressure tires•10 speeds•Aerodynamic, forward-leaning sittingposition for fast riding•drop racing handlebar•Brooks leather saddle and leather bar tape •Optional: fenders




VELLO bike schedule


Where we currently stand with VELLO!

We've developed several prototypes in an iterative process seeking users' feedback at every step of its development. The feedback from our first users have been overwhelmingly positive! All the technical drawings are ready for serial production, all we need to do now is to work on some minor details which have to do with the branding of the bike. But that is a matter of a couple of weeks. We will start production in the winter and should be able to send you the bike in the spring of 2015 - so that you are one of the first to get your VELLO bike. We'd like to stay in touch with you to get your suggestions and feedback on your riding experience!

Help us untap VELLO's potential!  

With USD 25 000, we will offer a front rack for free to all our backers who order a bike!

With USD 50 000 we will be able to produce various colors. 

If your reward is a bike, we will get in touch with you directly regarding your preferred color. 

Some of the possible colors
Some of the possible colors


The VELLO impact

We arecommitted to environmental sustainability. Our goals include to reduce thecarbon footprint by optimizing the production process continuously, to striveto use resources efficiently and to minimize carbon emission. We will abide by the waste managementregulations as well as all other environment legislation and prevent waste as bestas possible.

Introducing the core team

VELLO bike is the brainchild of Valentin Vodev and Valerie Wolff.

Valentin Vodev is a Product Designer. He holds two Master's Degrees from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and from the Royal College of Art in London. He had developed several acclaimed mobility products, among others the Roller Buggy. Furthermore, he is a three-time winner of the International Bicycle Design Award as well as a recipient of a Red Dot Design Award. 

Valerie Wolff is the co-founder. She has a background, among others, in Economics from Bard College, New York. Aside from influencing the design of the bike, she is in charge of business development, public relations, marketing and the budget.


If you like us - spread the word!! We are so thankful for any support wecan get to finish the last steps of the VELLO bike project!

If you have anyfurther questions, don't hesitate to contact us by either using the "Ask aquestion" button below, send an email to hello@vello.bike.

Annandale, VA
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