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KaliPAK Generator

KaliPAK is an environmentally friendly power sourcethat is designed to provide energy when the grid is unavailable.

The KaliPAK is set to:

KaliPAK™ is an environmentally friendly power sourcethat is designed to provide energy when the grid is unavailable.

The KaliPAK is set to:

  • Replace polluting Diesel and Petrol Generators
  • providing on-the-go energy and connectivity outdoors, without affecting the environment.
  • Provide immediate solution to the lack of energy due to natural disasters
  • Be a portable, user-friendly, easy-to-carry energy storage device that is self-sustained by re-charging using solar energy.

KaliPAK™ is all the power you need whenthere is no power around.

The KaliPAK boasts a massive amount of energy to let you charge your devices dozens of times. 

KaliPAK provides enough light to illuminate the darkest nights:

Once the KaliPAK's battery is exhausted, you can recharge it using a regular outlet, a 12V car-lighter socket or better yet, charge it from the integrated, collapsible, 4X Solar Panel Fixture (patent pending). You can charge about 80% of the KaliPAK's battery in a sunny day.

check out how it works:

's video poster

Our design team gets quite picky when it comes to user experience. So we had to adhere to highly functional and easy-to-use standards, and create a most simple yet functional dashboard:

KaliPAK Operating Panel (Dashboard)
KaliPAK Operating Panel (Dashboard)

 The KaliPAK, when opened, reveals the folding 4X Solar Panel, its Angular Fixture, and the two accessories compartments:


  • A massive amount of energy – 600 Watt hours (or 400 Wh in the 401model). Enough to charge the newest smartphones about 100 times, or laptops 15-20 times,or provide 6 full nights of strong flood light
  • Lithium-Ion technology with circuit and fire protection
  • A small, portable pack: 6.3 Kg (less than 14 lbs.)
  • A patent-pending folding solar fixture that provides x4 more energy torecharge your kaliPAK, with improved efficiency due to precise angularadjustment fixture and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology. All thisgoes IN the kaliPAK….
  • A clear and functional user interface, with one switch for all functions,2 x USB ports (for charging smartphones, iPads, Tablets and more) and 2 x 12Vports to charge laptops, beer coolers, lighting projectors, AV devices, and muchmore
  • Through a built-in Bluetooth transmitter, and our own developed freeKaliAPP™ – you can control your kaliPAK via your iPhone or Android smartphone.It will notify you how much energy you have left, whether you are correctlycharging from the sun, or even provide you an emergency feature, for when youreally need help.
  • Included with the KaliPAK, and stored in its padded compartments -  you will get the Survivor's PowerKit, a basic set of survivalhigh-quality accessories, or you can place your own accessories - in the heftystorage space provided in the PAK. see below more details about the accessories that come in the KaliPAK
  • Compliance: CE,RoHS, FCC.

TheKaliPAK Product line and specs:

KaliPAK works with:

  • Everything that can be charged/powered from a car-lighter socket
  • All laptops, Ultrabooks, Ai1’s (some need a plug adapter provided from the laptop mfr.)
  • All smartphones that can be charged from USB
  • All lighting and electricity devices working on 12V DC. Including: Portable cooling devices; Sound Systems; 12V-24V Medical devices and much more...

The KaliPAK Accessories:

Every KaliPAK comes with the Weatherproof Raincoat and an essential Survivor's PowerKit set of must-have accessories. In addition, we will roll out additional  accessories per our customer's demand. Our website will also feature carefully selected third party accessories.

The Survivor's Power Kit includes:

  • The waterproof PowerBank-Torch
  • The Kalisaya AC/DC Multi-Inverter
  • The 3W/5W Led bulb, cord and carabiner (not shown below)
  • A Car-Ligther Adapter
  • Powerful quick-charge USB splitter

Also available upon request:

  • KaliLED 10W Flood LED Projector
  • Check our website for additional cool and essential accessories

Whoneeds a KaliPAK:

The Power Africa Initiative  - in partnership with Vital Capital Fund

Your backing will allow us to deliver KaliPAKs to African communities who lack energy infrastructure and make their life a little easier. 

Powering African communities is a novel idea but also poses a major logistic challenge. To make sure that KaliPAK’s will find their way to the right people, we teamed up with some friends who know their way around the continent:

With the great help of our friends and partners from Vital Capital Fund, we will ship, upon successful funding of our project one kaliPAK for every fifty produced, and a minimum of ten, to electricity-challenged communities in Africa through the fund's philanthropic arms in Africa. Such is  "the Fundacao art and culture" an NGO based in Luanda, Angola, which initiates and manages dozens of philanthropic health, educational and cultural initiatives for the benefit of the children, men and women of Angola. 

Vital Capital is an Impact Investment fund focused on sub-Sahara Africa, aiming to do good while doing well. To learn more go to: http://www.vital-capital.com/

Pledges and Rewards

The KaliPAK’s planned retail price starts at $595when available - towards the endof 2015.

Your backing is so greatly appreciated, and will allow us to bring the KaliPAK tomarket in large quantities and provide a valid solution to communities andindividuals' off-the-grid energy needs - for emergency situations or just so you'll be able to keep the fun going.

Our very special honored backers – the Visionaries and the Energy Champions (see Pledges & Rewards) will be invited to participate in this thrilling and mind-boggling experience of bringing yet another helpful product to people.

Pledges & Rewards:

Visionary Team backers will also be joining our design team in ouronline creative brainstorming sessions – helping us conceptualize and designnew portable energy products and features.    

For $1998 or more you will get  - 5X KaliPAK 401 friends&family bundle - Get you and your closest ones the gift that will bring them energy. Literally.

For $2998 or more you will get  - 5X KaliPAK 601 Corporate & Org bundle. To have your business, school or organization ready for whatever happens

For $4488 or more you will get  - The Energy Champion Bundle RewardTen (10) KaliPAK 401’s + oneKaliPAK 601 free for you!

In addition, Energy Champion backers will also be joining our design team inour online creative brainstorming sessions – helping us conceptualize anddesign new portable energy products and features.

Shipping Notes:

Shipping of KaliPAK's to the following countries is currently free:

  • USA
  • Israel

Thanks to Kickstarter's new shipping policy, we intend to provide discount or free shipping arrangements to othercountries as we go. Please check here to get an updated list from time to time. Obviously, if you back us from a country that shipping is charged, and we are able to reduce the shipping cost or provide it free, you will not be charged.

For countries not in the current list, please expect additional normal shipping andhandling rates, and consider approximate additional 30 days for delivery. Youmay contact us at contact@kalisaya.comto check the status of shipping to your country.

Kalisaya as defined in the old Inca language, is what puts lightning, mood and energy together.

Even if not all of us directly suffer from hurricanes, earthquakes, or any other nature hiccup, we all feel the stress of “what if…”.

In a quick survey we posted, we found that the #1 reason for natural disaster stress is – communications disconnect. The #2 reason is darkness. We just don’t want to be left out in the dark.

So back in 2013, just after the debris from hurricane Sandy were cleared, we decided to compile our research conclusion and ideas, gathered our team of product and industrial designers, mechanical engineers, energy and solar experts – and kicked off the prototype project of the KaliPAK.

Kalisaya team@work
Kalisaya team@work

Kalisaya Intellectual Properties

Kalisaya has filed a patent (US and EU) for the KaliPAK.

In addition we have filed for a design patent in China.

Kalisaya™, KaliPAK™ and the Kalisaya "infinite lighting" logo are all registered trademarks under the USPTO.

In addition, the MayThePowerBW•U logo is a registered trademark under the USPTO:

Production Timline

What’s ahead in our Dev plan?

  • The KaliFLOW, a portable wind turbine compatiblewith the KaliPAK
  • Hand and leg-crank generators
  • Fuel-Cell integration
  • and more.... come and join us!
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