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AquaSprouts: Aquarium Aquaponic Garden
The AquaSprouts Team

“This system turns a fish tank into an aquaponic garden, a perfect tool to explore how our natural environment works: fish waste fertilizes the plants, and ...more


“This system turns a fish tank into an aquaponic garden, a perfect tool to explore how our natural environment works: fish waste fertilizes the plants, and the plants filter the water in the tank.” 

- The New York Times

“True to the idea that items can be as beautiful as they are useful, AquaSprouts has a sleek, streamlined design that would be right at home in the most elegant kitchen or living room, or even as a living display in cafes and juice bars, where ingredients for smoothies and juices can be grown onsite.”

- inhabitat 

“You see, there are an awful lot of 10 gallon aquariums in the world already. And those aquariums are full of an awful lot of fish that need regular cleaning. So why not put those fish to good use, creating an attractive, easy-to-retrofit kit that's compatible with any 10 gallon aquarium, providing fish lovers with an easy solution to keep their tank clean, and turning the waste water and nutrients into fresh, edible produce?”

 - Treehugger

"The AquaSprouts Aquarium Aquaponic Garden is an indoor garden that is a self-contained ecosystem. You feed the fish, the fish-waste feeds the plants and you eat what is grown from the garden. It's a win-win-win."


Learn more about our distributors & partners
Learn more about our distributors & partners

Grants for Plants and AquaSprouts are on a mission to bring educational materialsand Gardens to classrooms across the United States. Grants for Plants connectsschools with resources, educational curriculum, and aquaponic systems forclassroom use.

The Aquaponic Source is the premier home aquaponics gardening company in North America. Their partnership with our team has helped to create the best aquarium aquaponic experience available, which includes aquaponics education, resources and community.

Oh-Uchi-Saien is our internationaldistributor headquartered in Japan. Founders Kengo and Yoshi plan to import ourAquaSprouts Garden in order to increase awareness of aquaponics in Japan.

Sylvia, Jack & Yoshi at Aquaponics Fest 2014
Sylvia, Jack & Yoshi at Aquaponics Fest 2014

Imagine the convenienceof a self-sustaining aquarium combined with a functional garden of leafygreens, fresh herbs, and flowering plants—all on your kitchen counter. Not onlydoes the AquaSprouts Garden bring life and beauty into your home, it alsoeliminates the chores of cleaning a tank and watering your plants. AquaSproutstransforms your aquarium!

After discoveringaquaponics from a family friend, Jack Ikard quickly developed a new passion.After graduating high school and moving into a small apartment for college,Jack faced the challenge of finding a way to bring aquaponics with him. Inearly 2013 Jack used ambition and a laser cutter to create and design an indooraquaponics system that works in tandem with a standard 10-gallon aquarium. To take his idea to the next level, Jack brought together a passionate design & marketing team and collaborated with a local manufacturing company that boasts over 25 years of retail design and manufacturing experience. 

Before he knew it, Jack'sbackyard idea quickly sprouted into today's sleek AquaSprouts Garden.

An early prototype of the Garden
An early prototype of the Garden

This year, AquaSprouts partnered with The Aquaponic Source, an industry-leadingcompany focused entirely on aquaponic gardening. The Aquaponic Source hashelped us ensure the best possible experience for you and your Garden. SylviaBernstein, who founded The Aquaponic Source, wrote the award-winning book Aquaponic Gardening: A Step by Step guide to Raising Fish andVegetables, which you can find in some of our reward tiers.

Today, the matte blackfinish on our Garden's elegant design will compliment any home, office, orschool. While the entire system is compact, the grow-bed is spacious enough togrow a variety of garden-fresh leafy greens and vegetables. This means addingwheatgrass to your smoothies or cherry tomatoes and lettuce to your salad isalways easy and convenient!

With your Help

In order to produce ourGarden, we require complicated industrial molds. With the help of theKickstarter community, we can purchase the molds and begin maufacturing units,so that we can bring aquaponics into homes and classrooms across the world. Beone of the first to own an AquaSprouts Garden and see how easy it is to growgarden-fresh leafy greens and vegetables right inside your own home!

Both practical andappealing, the AquaSprouts Garden is a unique product that uses aquaponictechnology in a simple, compact design. Aquaponics is a closed-loop system inwhich fish and plants work together to create a sustainable ecosystem. When thefish are fed, they create waste that is pumped into the AquaSprouts grow-bed.Naturally occurring bacteria then break down the waste and saturate thegrow-bed with nutrients— producing strong, healthy plants all while cleaningthe water for the fish.

Harvesting is easy! Simply pick, or cut, your fresh herbs and vegetables straight from your Garden!
Harvesting is easy! Simply pick, or cut, your fresh herbs and vegetables straight from your Garden!
's video poster

 Watch one of our biggest fans setup his Garden.

Along with growing someof your favorite herbs and flowers, your Garden can also be used as the perfectlearning tool! Check out our teachers' kit, which includes an educationalcurriculum created by Sylvia and The Aquaponic Source team. These materials aredesigned to easily incorporate our garden into classroom lessons. Your Gardencan be used to demonstrate concepts from biology, nutrition, physics,chemistry, and more! Allow lessons to come to life by experiencing the wondersof aquaponics right before your eyes.

AquaSprouts is alsoworking with Grants for Plants, a foundation dedicated to bringing knowledge ofaquaponics into classrooms. As university students with a passion foreducation, we're excited to help them on their mission by providing gardens toschools that take part in the foundation's outreach. Check out the Grants forPlants reward tier to see how you too can help bring the merits of aquaponicsto young minds.


The AquaSprouts Garden isgreat for growing healthy herbs and vegetables that can compliment any meal. Thanksto our Garden you can easily grow a range of organic vegetables on your kitchencounter, where you watch your plants grow from seed to harvest. Produce doesn't get any more local than this! Whether you're adding wheatgrass to your smoothieor tossing together a salad, The AquaSprouts Garden makes your health journeysimple and enjoyable. 

We designed the Garden tohave the simplest setup possible, all while providing an efficient andbeautiful desktop aquarium aquaponics system. Our system consists of threemajor components: the legs, the grow-bed, and the light-bar. 

The Garden works by pumping water and waste from the tank below into the grow bed. Clean water is then filtered back into the tank through drains located in the grow-bed. The system cycles for 15 minutes every hour to ensure a clean tank and happy fish! The Garden offers a low maintenance experience for anyone looking to own an aquarium or grow healthy greens year-round.

Feed your fish through the 2" gap in the back or easily slide the Garden back.
Feed your fish through the 2" gap in the back or easily slide the Garden back.
Dimensions are rounded. Garden fits standard 10-gallon aquariums (20" x 10" x 12").
Dimensions are rounded. Garden fits standard 10-gallon aquariums (20" x 10" x 12").

The AquaSprouts Gardenwas created to compliment any space. Our Gardens will be made out of matteblack polycarbonate. Additionally, our system is designed for a convenientsetup and easy use with all the materials and instructions needed to start yourfirst AquaSprouts Garden upon delivery.

AquaSprouts Garden: The system comes in matte black polycarbonate and assembleseasily without any tools or frustration.  

Aquarium: OurGarden fits over standard 10-gallon glass aquariums (20" x 10" X12"). If you already have an aquarium, all you need is the Garden! If youdon't have an aquarium, we've included the option to have one sent with yourGarden. Each aquarium will be insured and packaged separately from your Gardento ensure a safe delivery.

Light Bar: Wehave included a removable light bar so that homes without sufficient lightsources can attach a grow light to the system. You can easily add a standardgrow light of your choice and adjust the light to watch your plants flourish.

Pump & Timer: The kit includes a submersible pump and 24 hour timer that canbe set for 15 minute intervals. Both the pump and timer include 1-year warranties. 

Clay Medium: Ourspecial terracotta clay pebbles take place of soil and will never degrade. Thepebbles offer a no-mess grow space, so you don't have to worry about dirt inthe kitchen. They also act as biological filter for the aquarium. Each kit includesthe necessary amount of pebbles to start planting!

Education Kit: Our education kit includes a Garden and an aquarium with educationalmaterials to help you incorporate the Garden into classroom lessons, providedby The Aquaponic Source. The education kit also contains Sylvia’s book; seedpackets of wheatgrass, basil, and salad mix; 20 grams of natural fish food; a 4 oz. bottle of natural tap water dechlorinator; and a 4 oz. bottle of beneficial bacteria(this accelerates biological filtration).

Resources & Support: Each kit includes a step-by-step guide to setting up andmaintaining your Garden. The AquaSprouts Team is dedicated to helping you andyour Garden thrive! We can easily be contacted through phone or email if youever have any questions. You will also have access to our community forum pageon the world's largest community site dedicated to aquaponics—AquaponicsGardening Community. You can use the forum not only to show off your garden,but also to learn what others are growing around the world!


AquaSprouts is founded onthe idea that aquaponic systems can be both functional and beautiful. Afterthoroughly testing multiple prototypes, we designed our system with a deepgrow-bed, allowing for more plant diversity and optimal growth. Our Garden iscompact enough to sit on a desk or counter, yet large enough to have a fullyfunctional aquarium and indoor garden. Throughout this intensive design processwe were mindful of manufacturing timelines and shipping capabilities—and wehave optimized all of these processes so that you can find our Garden on yourdoorstep as soon as possible!

We care deeply about thecapabilities and benefits of aquaponics, and are incredibly excited to have theopportunity to spread the knowledge of aquaponics around the world. It has beena long and exciting journey, and we can’t wait to bring aquaponics to yourcountertop and beyond with a product that is elegant, functional, andeducational.

Join us, and let us help you Sprout Something New!

Austin, TX
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