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amphiro b1
Amphiro, Waterwise and DAIAD

UPDATE: Stretch Goal and New Pledges

What does amphiro b1 do for you?

amphiro b1 is the world's first smart meter for the shower that informs you about your ...more

UPDATE: Stretch Goal and New Pledges

What does amphiro b1 do for you?

amphiro b1 is the world's first smart meter for the shower that informs you about your current water and energy consumption, provides you with real-time feedback and thus enables you act up to your standards. 

Did you know that water heating accountsfor the largest share of energy used in an average household right after spaceheating? Water heating uses much more energy than lighting, cooking,refrigerators, consumer electronics etc. The good thing: if you are aware of it, you can take control – the valve is always within reach.

 Consumption data in real time helps you take control.

A study commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy showedaverage savings of 23% (440 kWh heat energy & 8500 l drinking water).(N=697 households, 48000 showers)

You can enable amphiro b1 to send data automatically to an app, making energy saving while showering even more convenient. Data can be accessed via smartphones, tablets and computers. The receiving device requires Bluetooth 4.0 or 4.1 (see the hardware specifications of your device).

The amphiro b1 app is the perfect addition to the smart meter. Here you can track your consumption in real-time and see your history and consumption trends. Set your own saving goals and work on pursuing them. You can also challenge a friend and find the energy saving champion.

Why should you use it?

It is completely up to you. But there is a lot you can do with the money saved each year.

amphiro b1 never tells you when to stop your shower. It simply raises your awareness and helps you take better decisions on your own - with a high impact proven in hundreds of households.

Challenge your family and friends and win an energy saving contest. You never knew that energy saving can be exciting and enjoyable!

Saving energy today preserves the planet for coming generations.

Consumption awareness is the first step towards a behavioral change and thus to energy efficiency.

Children can be taught from early on the means of precious resources and energy saving - and they even enjoy it!

How does it work and how to install it?

Don't worry about the installation! amphiro b1 can be mounted in your shower easily and within a few minutes.

amphiro b1 is compatible with all standard hand held shower heads worldwide. To your convenience data is displayed in your country's standard.

For your creativity we offer an open API, so that amphiro products can be combined with other smart home products. Smartphones, tablets and computers require Bluetooth 4.0 or 4.1 for receiving the data from amphiro b1.

amphiro b1 is maintenance-free. You never have to change batteries as it harvests its own energy from the waterflow.

's video poster

This is the product video of our first product amphiro a1. Please check this out if you have any questions concerning the installation. 

About the project

This is the first working amphiro b1 prototype: Consumption data is sent to the iPad in real-time. With amphiro a1 (without Bluetooth) more than 16000 devices are currently in use. Our microturbine functionality is not a prototype but a well working technology.


The Amphiro team has worked hard over the past few years up to this Kickstarter campaign. The first product has been brought to the market in 2012. With amphiro b1 the next level of smart showering will be reached.

Amphiro is embedded in current research. Amphiro b1 arouses from a EU project called DAIAD. Together with our partners feedback measures promoting energy efficiency are explored further on.

About Amphiro

 amphiro a1 was a big success. We are excited about the new product.

Amphiro proudly holds several prizes for sustainability, business and engeneering. We feel honored with every single of them. 

We are currently running for the GreenTec Award 2015 and made it among the TOP 10. This is Europe's largest environmental award. Support us now with your vote. Thank you!

The Amphiro Team works hard on its goal of promoting energy efficiency among private households. Founded in 2009 from ETH members, it is now a colorful mixture of various fields of interest like computer science, electrical engineering, business and marketing. Each team member performs remarkable tasks making our vision come true.

We thank you so much for your support!

Zurich, Switzerland
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