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Wind, Water, Sun

3 inspiring new inventions around the world

South AfricaPeru, and Japan have new innovations in wind energy, water production, and solar energy. These are the steps we need to be taking towards a cleaner planet!

In South Africa, electricity is not always consistent, and life is often interrupted by power outages. Charlotte Slingsby, a graduate student, developed a wind "blanket" to help trap energy with sheets of plastic that have wave-like filaments. These can be made into sheets that can be worn or placed in strategic windy locations (like under a bridge) to bring more consistent power to cities.


In Peru, clean water is very difficult to come by, as cities like Lima, the capital, are in the desert and only get less than 1 inch of rain per year, despite 98% humidity. The University of Engineering and Technology in Peru created this billboard that captures water from the air to produce 25 gallons of clean drinking water per day for residents in the area.


Golf in Japan has significantly declined in popularity in the past few years, leaving their golf courses unused. Certain companies have been working towards turning these into solar panel fields to increase the use of renewable energy throughout the country.

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