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Who Wants A Glass of Poop Water?

...Or we could just use the sun

A couple weeks ago the internet exploded over a video of Bill Gates drinking a glass of water than only minutes earlier had been extracted from human feces. 

Although this machine called the Omniprocessor offers a very clever way to manage sewage where there's no existing infrastructure to do so,  many we're also misguided into thinking this was a great solution for providing clean drinking water to the developing world. 

For every 10 people whose poo goes in, the Omniprocessor spits out just 8 liters of water, which is less than half of our recommended daily intake. We are not big fans of stigmatizing behavior, but if offered a glass of purified water from poop or a pond, who would honestly choose the former? 

There's another amazing purification technology called the Desolenator that's about to finish a successful Indiegogo campaign, and we want you to have the chance to help make this prototype a reality. Check their video below and if you're as impressed as we are...go ahead and move the needle just a little further for them. 

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