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What Are The Most Ridiculous Food Combinations You've Tried?

Waste not want not takes on a whole new meaning
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Things can get desperate when it seems you only have mustard and a mystery leftover container in the fridge... Here are some crazy food combinations from reddit users. 

"I tried using ketchup instead of tomatoes and oven baked sliced loaf bread instead of baguette slices making bruschetta"


"I had the brilliant idea of making dessert pasta. I rolled out some home made chocolate pasta, then covered it in a white chocolate raspberry sauce. It was the exact opposite of delicious. It tasted like I used watered down white chocolate and raspberry jam instead of milk for a bowl of Count Chocula"


"While pregnant I would occasionally eat Fritos dipped in alfredo sauce. At the time it was marvellous, I tried it once on a whim post pregnancy and gagged."


"Mustard and Parmesan sandwich" (I say no more)


"I decided that since I like chili and I like cheese on my chili, that chili and mac and cheese would be a great idea. Wasn't."


Doesn't sound too appealing, does it? Next time you have nothing left in your fridge, don't throw it away! Try Handpick, the app that gives you customized recipes based on the ingredients you put in! The next incredible food combination may be waiting for you...

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