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Walkonomics: The Economics of Walking

Why pedestrian-friendly is the future (and past) of urban planning

Many of the world's oldest cities have central areas that are closed off to vehicles, simply because they were built before humans had thought of giving enough street space for virtually anything on wheels. 

By now, things are beginning to come full circle as city planners are figuring out that cars don't always make a lot of sense in densely populated areas. As more and more people move into cities, people are placing a premium on living in walkable areas, and surprise - they're seeing mental health and quality of life benefits. 

Walkonomics.com is an initiative by British transport guru Adam Davies that has the ambitious goal of creating a user-generated walkability rating for every street in the world. To accomplish this he's built an app that lets people rate the pedestrian-friendliness of their streets. Check it out by clicking the button below...

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