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They Might Be Tall but Their Numbers are Shrinking

The National Geographic's Report on Giraffe Engangerment

In a recent National Geographic article by Virginia Morell, she explains the 'Silent Extinction' currently threatening Africa's wild giraffe population. 

The article describes the manner in which the animals are hunted for food and for their tail fur by the local militant groups and local people, especially in Ethiopia. These people will shoot at any wildlife protector who comes near the giraffes they are hunting illegally.

Currently, most efforts for endangered species in Africa go to protecting other animals such as elephants, gorillas, and rhinoceroses. Giraffes, however, are suffering losses in population from 140,000 to 80,000 in as short as 15 years, which is exponentially lower than the estimated 2 million living 150 years ago. 

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