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The Win-Win for Urban Agriculture

Aquaponics kills two birds with one stone, so to speak

Aquaponics is a marvelous system for growing crops that has been practiced in a rudimentary fashion since ancient times. The concept is very simple: instead of growing plants in soil, grow them in water with a bunch of fish in it. The fish poo fertilizes the plants which in turn filter the water. This closed loop system is totally organic, creates virtually no waste, works indoors, and uses 2% of the water of traditional agriculture.

In light of recent concerns over food and water security (and the trendiness of urban agriculture), aquaponics is making a big comeback from Brooklyn to Minneapolis

We think this video from a student project at Sarah Lawrence College does the best job telling the story of aquaponics, complete with an old British narrator and some cool animations. Well done ladies.

If you're interested in building one yourself, Youtube is filled with loads of instructional videos from the DIY hobbyist set. If you'd rather do something more simple, why not move the needle on the fundraiser to build an aquaponics system in a shipping container for an urban farm in the Rockaways neighborhood of New York. Check it out as our featured action. 

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