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The Science of Sharing

MIT's visualization of 170M taxi rides – and what it means for the future of urban mobility

This short video by HubCab explains one of the latest big data projects from the crazy cats at MIT's SENSEable City Lab. They crunched the numbers on 170 million taxi trips from 13,500 NYC taxis and realized that 8 out of 10 trips could be conveniently shared.

From Carlo Ratti, the SENSEable City Lab Director, in the official press release:

“The so called ‘sharing economy’ is blossoming all over the Internet. Today it is mostly about fixed assets – such as homes on AirBNB. But tomorrow, it will increasingly involve our mobility infrastructure, blurring the difference between public and private transportation.”

Wise words, indeed. Click on the button below to find our favorite (real) ridesharing app, Bandwagon. 

HubCab is an interactive visualization that invites you to explore the ways in which over 170 million taxi trips connect the City of New York in a given year.

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