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The North Pole Is Getting Seriously Scrooged

By the scroogiest of Scrooges in all the land...

North Pole, Alaska, aka Christmastown USA, may not be the actual North Pole (sorry #clickbait), but for thousands of adorable American children it represents a magical Arctic town where Santa's workshop provides the backbone of the local economy. 

Sadly, the reality could not be further away. Until this year, the town was home to the largest oil refinery in Alaska, run buy Flint Hills Resources which is owned by Koch Industries. It was recently discovered that leaks from the refinery had seriously poisoned the town's water supply, and the cost of clean up was (not surprisingly) found to be "enormous."

So what is a good Koch Bros oil co to do? Just say 'fuck it'...I guess. They shut down the company, laid off most employees and are refusing to clean up. The town is now suing but any outcome will likely take years. The fastest way to get the town's water back to a drinkable standard would be to get the EPA involved. In fact it's strange they've yet to weigh in apart from issuing an $80K fine for causing "two completely avoidable dumpster fires." 

Our featured action is a timely and trending petition to give these good people of North Pole more than just our children's Christmas letters. Take the next 40 seconds to tell the EPA to get involved...

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