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The Importance of Peaceful Protest

A comparison of 'fracktivism' in the US and UK

VICE News recently released a great new documentary profiling local 'fracktivists' in Lancashire, England and their David and Goliath battle with the energy company Caudrilla over what would become the first commercial scale fracking site in the UK.

The political precedent set by this fight is a big deal, and the lengths to which the fracktivists are willing to go to protect their water is admirable, if not totally bonkers...(spoiler: one lady super-glues her hand to a metal gate)

There is a particularly powerful scene where the journalist from VICE is interviewing Liz Arnold, a fracktivist from Pennsylvania who came to join the fight and share her experiences from back home:

"They try to convince people that they have no power, that it's all inevitable...and the minute you accept that, you've lost."

It's easy to understand to this sentiment when you compare the efforts of the Lancashire community to those of the recent Seneca Lake protests in upstate New York (video below). The intention of this comparison is not to mock the few folks who showed up but to beg the question: where the hell was everyone else?!

Have Americans simply accepted the inevitably of fracking by now? Do we no longer even blink when we hear that state officials in California allowed energy companies to pump nearly 3 billion gallons of toxic wastewater into an aquifer with drinkable water? In California. One of the most progressive, and oh, by the way... most severely drought-stricken states in the nation. #WTF

By no means do we feel that everyone reading this should drop what they're doing and go superglue their hand to something....but we do think it's worth your time to understand what's going on and to know that you can actually do something.

In the last election, residents of Denton, Texas voted to ban fracking - which is significant because Denton is the town where fracking shale for natural gas was first pioneered in the 1990s. Although there's over 300 wells in the area, it's never too late to put the kibosh on it. Canary in the proverbial coal mine anyone? Ok Rant Over. 

Our featured action for this story is to support those noble hippies at Seneca Lake by contributing to their 'jail fund' to help cover the costs of their fines. Show them some love! 

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