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The 12 Most Badass EVs To Ever Roam the Earth

Old or new, fast or slow...these whips all deserve their place in automobile history.
Renovo cover unrth.png.original

1. The Renovo Couple - for marrying the beauty of classic American muscle with 21st century technology. To be released next year...


2. The Grimsel - for holding the current world record for fastest 0-60mph (1.7 seconds!!), and for being built by a group of students in less than a year.


3. The 1915 Detroit Electric Brougham - for being the OG EV from before fuel cars were popular.


4. The General Motors EV1 - for being a martyr ahead of its time.


5. The Fisker - for being brought back from the dead, and for bringing sexy back.


6. The Gladway T01-W1 Electric Rickshaw - for being the best value EV on the internet ($500 on Alibaba).


7. LaFerrari - although technically a hybrid, it still makes the list for being a multi-million dollar supercar hybrid.


8. The BelAz 75710 - for being the world biggest dump truck...and fully electric.


9. The Spark-Renault SRT_01E - for being the world's first Formula E car.


10. The Fjellstrand Zerocat - for being the world's first all-electric ferry...in Sweden of course.


11. The New FedEx Truck - for being the urban delivery pod of the future.


12. The Motiv ERV - for being North America's first all-electric garbage truck, now (silently) roaming the streets of Chicago

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