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Climate Change

Shell Game: The Lunacy of Arctic Drilling

Luckily the Polar Pioneer isn't easy to hide...

Spring has finally sprung in the Northern Hemisphere, and that can mean very different things depending on where you are. 

On the east coast we're more than ready for warmer temps andApril showers. Out west, they're just hoping for more rain to supplement what meager snowmelt is already happening. 

Up north in Alaska, there's no shortage of meltage going down either. The glacial runoff flowing into the Gulf Alaska is currently six times greater than the water discharge of the Mississippi River. Let that sink in. 

And way out in the middle of the South Pacific, spring means that Shell is sending their dubiously named Polar Explorer oil rig up to capitalize on all that melting in the Arctic...to search for more of what's causing it. 

This behemoth wont arrive in the Arctic until the beginning of summer, yet an intrepid group of young Greenpeace activists have already caught up and will be tracking her voyage, now dubbed #TheCrossing in the twittersphere. To follow their journey, check out their logbook at SaveTheArctic.org.

In case you're not aware of just how unprepared and incompetent Shell is when it comes to arctic drilling, you don't need to look any further than the story of their last attempt in 2012: The Wreck of Kulluk

If you want to do something to help, check out Ted Danson's trending petition against Shell's Arctic conquest as our featured action. 

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