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Climate Change

See Where CO2 Comes From (and Where It Goes)

A mesmerizing visualization of the carbon cycle in action

NASA has produced an incredible visualization of climate data showing a year's worth of CO2 emissions as they swirled around the planet.

Wired had some insights on the clip worth sharing:

The video covers January 1st to December 31, 2006, and it clearly shows that much of the world’s CO2 comes from the heavily populated northern hemisphere (PROTIP: Click settings and watch the video in 1080p). At times entire continents are obscured by carbon dioxide, then the levels fluctuate as photosynthesizing plants gobble up the gas. Periodically, the southern half of the world flares up, because of seasonal forest fires in central Africa, for example. NASA hopes that the scientific community will use the models to get a better understanding of how not just CO2, but other particles like dust, sea salt, and ash, swirl and settle around the globe.

It's a rather beautiful depiction until you remember that it represents the highest CO2 concentration in our atmosphere in 800,000 years.

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