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Oh The Places Your Old Chanel Bag Won't Go

Do you know what happens to your clothes when you throw them away?

Spring cleaning rolls around and you can now finally get rid of all those clothes taking up space in your closet!


You know you've worn that beloved red dress one too many times


And let's be honest, you haven't worn that pink polka-dot tank top since your flip phone days


So you pack up all of your old clothes and what then?


Do you throw them away?


Do you let your precious Chanel bag waste in a landfill? Never to be cherished again?


Sure it's just a bag... But what about the environment? Think about all of the clothes in a landfill right now from not recycling


Next time, instead of being an outfit repeater and a polluter, think about recycling your old clothes and selling them instead! Try Threadflip, where you can easily buy and sell second hand high fashion items.

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