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Making Your Clothes & the Earth Last Longer

The most sustainable clothing companies today
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Elle magazine reported on 7 eco-friendly fashion labels you should know based on their commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices and resource-efficient use of materials. Here are the brands they mentioned, see if you'd be interested in purchasing "clean clothes" (pun intended), and then check out a Kickstarter that is purchasing carbon offsets with every pair of their shoelaces they sell. 

Svilu uses resource-efficient fabrics and textiles to make their long-lasting and high-fashion clothing.


Kowtow makes clothes with 100% fair trade organic cotton. This means they are supporting justified worker treatment and respect sustainable agriculture.


Freedom of Animals uses EPA guidelines to create beautiful and sustainably-made luxury handbags.


H&M's "Conscious" promise is to use renewable energy in their production, to reduce carbon emissions in stores, to recycle garments, reducing waste, and to use fabrics used from recycled materials.


Mina + Olya is a high-fashion company dedicated to choosing beautiful and sustainable fabrics in their pieces. They choose fabrics that used natural dying processes, low-waste production, and organic cotton.


A Peace Treaty is a jewelry company dedicated to finding resources from manufacturers in all parts of the world, and bringing together people for a good cause.


Amour Vert is a clothing company that uses American manufacturing, non-toxic dyes, sustainable fibers, and zero waste. They seek to do good for people and for the earth.

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