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How Would You Like Your Meat?

With or without actual animal product?
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A selection of companies today are in the business of making animal products without the animals. From cheese to hamburgers, and every piece of chicken in between, scientists have begun making making food from more "natural" sources for sustainability and health purposes. 

Impossible Foods made a hamburger from wheat meat


Clara Foods is making egg whites sans chicken!


Beyond Meat is also making chicken sans chicken!


Hampton Creek Foods is making mayo with just plant-based protein, would you eat it?


Soylent makes an oat and whey protein drink to taste like milk... grab the Nesquik!


Coffee from yeast cultures?! Afineur is trying it out!


truBrain gets you your daily vitamins without the pill swallowing... but is this better?


Miyokos Kitchen is going nuts for a nut-based cheese


Modern Meadow isn't a walk in the woods... it's a lab building meat cell cultures for leather and edible meat.


Maybe you don't want meatless meat, but can you make more sustainable food choices?

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