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How the Dutch Got Bike Lanes

No...they havn't always had them.

It is fairly common knowledge that Holland crushes the bicycle game. In the past few years alone they've opened the first floating bike roundabout and the first solar-powered light-up, bike path (designed to look like Van Gogh's Starry Night of course).

Cycling is so infused into both their culture and their infrastructure that one would think it's been like that since the bicycle was invented. Not the case, it turns out...

This little video explains how changing Dutch transport policy in the 1970s required mass public protests over civilian deaths plus an economic crisis PLUS an oil shortage...never-mind that their cities weren't designed for cars and their entire country is flat!

Thankfully by now it shouldn't have to come to that. If you want to help the rise of protected bike lanes, go move the needle on our featured action - it's an awesome project for downtown Denver.

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