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Climate Change

How Much Do You Know About Plastic?

It's definitely less than you expect
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Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth FOUR TIMES


Every day, 10 metric tons of plastic fragments (like grocery bags) are carried into the Pacific Ocean!


We throw away half of our plastic after just one use!


Every year, the average American throws away 185 pounds of plastic... That's a person of plastic!


It takes 500-1000 years for plastic to degrade.... That means the plastic you throw away today will be around until at least 2515 or 20 generations from now!


There is a plastic mass floating off the coast of California that is twice the size of Texas!


A MILLION sea birds and 100,000 sea animals are killed each year by plastic in the ocean


It's more than the eye can see... 85% of plastic particles collected in a sample in Lake Erie were less than two-tenths of an inch


93% of Americans age 6 or older have BPA in their body. Chemicals like BPA have been known to alter hormones or to have other harmful health effects for humans.


On the ocean's surface, 46,000 pieces of plastic can be found in each square mile.


We use 500 billion plastic bags every year around the world. That's 71 times the number of people in the world!


What will you do to stop plastic waste?

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