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Going Out to Eat: A Saga

It's more than getting the good gossip

So you all decide to go out to dinner at the coolest new #hip and #instaworthy place


You all decide to share an appetizer of a spinach and artichoke dip over the news that someone's ex-girlfriend is now pregnant #scandal


You, of course, order a great looking steak with a side of mashed potatoes and green beans #treatyoself


The person next to you orders a "berry salad" with lettuce, berries, and cherries (no comment) and then announces he's going on a Tinder date after dinner #swiperight


The token vegetarian orders some interesting cauliflower "steak" (smh) and rambles about her new hipster boyfriend's start-up


Little did you know, however, how far all of that food has traveled to get to your gossip sesh


That cauliflower probably came all the way from Guatemala or China. And who knows where those berries could have come from in the middle of January


So next time you need the good gossip, use Greenease to choose a restaurant where you know it'll be all locally-grown and environmentally sustainable products (you can get your gossip from as far away as you'd like)

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