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Give the Gift of Green: A New Park for Tribeca

The Bogardus Plaza Project is 98% funded...but needs your help.

Ye New Yorkers (or frequent visitors) of Lower Manhattan might be aware of a little wedge between West Broadway and Hudson Street known as the Bogardus Garden. This humble greenspace that began its life as a simple concrete traffic triangle is on its way to greatness, thank's to the amazing Friends of Bogardus Garden

Back in 2010, the FBG worked with the DOT to turn the southernmost block of Hudson (bordering the garden) into a 'temporary' pedestrian plaza with a few tables and chairs that quickly became a hub for the hood. Now for the triangle to achieve its true greatness, the FBG is working to unite the garden and plaza into one brand-new, beautiful public greenspace covering 10,000 sq. ft.

This project is truly on the 1 yard line, having raised over 2.9 million dollars, but they still need $25K more. Their final-push fundraiser is our featured action for the day... and it won't take much more needle movin' to make the newly dubbed Bogardus Park a reality! 

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