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Climate Change

Fundraiser Friday: Lunar Mission One

Researchers in UK are painfully close to raising the $1M needed to send a robot to the moon.

Today we've devoted our whole story to promoting this historic Kickstarter that has honestly come too close to reaching it's ambitious goal for it to fail. 

The south pole of the moon has never been explored and no one has ever probed more than a few meters below its surface to study its geology. This research could have serious implications on our understanding of our own planet and how it formed. 

To sweeten the deal for backers (this is Kickstarter after all), they will be depositing a time-capsule with DNA and 'digital memories' in case anything catastrophic happens to Earth. 

There's less than a week left...take a minute to help make history by kicking in 5 bucks by clicking the button below. 

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