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Climate Change

Earth's Most Interesting Island

The canary in the coal-mine at the top of the world...

What you see here is a lovely short film about Spitsbergen, an icy mountainous wonderland inside the Arctic Circle that has played a fascinating role in the modern history of natural resource conflicts. 

Over the past century, Svalbard's story has become increasingly linked with our understanding of climate change due to its disproportionate effect on the polar regions. The filmmaker does an excellent job telling the human story of the Arctic, focusing on how our perspectives on the region have evolved over several generations as the landscape there continues to change. Oh and by the way...that landscape is f*!%king stunning!

One storyline that it's hard to imagine future generations looking upon favorably is the US Congress' head-in-the-sand attitude towards accepting the scientific community's findings  that humans are causing climate change. Thankfully, the good people over at Avaaz.org are gearing up for a campaign to get schoolchildren to reeducate these member's of Congress who've been taught what to think by too many think-tanks, lobbyists, and PACs. Take a couple minutes to help move the needle on their latest petition as our featured action. 

Cover Photo courtesy of Jenny Ross and Life on Thin Ice.

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