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Climate Change

Down the Moulin

You'll never guess where Greenland's melt water goes...

At this point, I think it is safe to call minor sea level rise common knowledge. And there's also a general consensus that this can be attributed to melting glaciers and ice sheets. 

However, until very recently no one in the scientific community had actually tracked melt water from major sources like the Greenland Ice-sheet all the way to the ocean because all of the rivers would drop off into 'moulins'...aka sinkholes that meander through the 1-2 mile thick ice sheet of ice like swiss cheese.

Check out this recent report from a joint NASA Jet Propulsion Lab and UCLA field study tracking the melt water down the moulins, and while you're at it, let the EPA know you support limits on burning fossil fuels causing the ice-sheet both to turn black and melt. 

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