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Big Surprise: Chicken Factories Are Disgusting

But it's worth a look at just how bad...

Craig Watts has been under contract to run one of Perdue's factory farms since 1992, and he's fed up. Consequently he recently became the first Big Poulty contract farmer to allow filming inside of his barns.

The video has already racked up over 1 million views on Youtube, but we have to warn you... it's not easy to watch.

It is very clear why major poultry producers want to control their image, but Watts raises an interesting question about why they're also so adamant about controlling their chickens living conditions...and why forbid fresh air and sunlight?

Arguably most disturbing fact surrounding this issue is the fact that these factories are all gravy by USDA standards. Every one of those sorry excuses for a chicken is marketed as cage free, fed an all-vegetarian diet, receiving no animal by-products or antibiotics, and are considered humanely raised. Watch the clip and decide for yourself...

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