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Attack of the K-Cup

Let's not have these pods come back to get us...

Ask any hipster about coffee, and they'll tell you that in this day and age there is more than one good way to make a cup o' joe...french press, moka pot, pour over, and now even stir brew

However, there's one ridiculous coffee 'innovation' has simply got to go: The K-Cup. There are now more than a few different single-serving coffee pods on the market, but the Keurig Green Mountain version is not only the most popular, but also the largest and most impossible to recycle

As a result, they have attracted the most heat for their design...which may have just hit a tipping point when a digital production company from Halifax, Nova Scotia released a Sci-fi short...where K-Cups attack.

It's not clear why we need to dispense our favorite caffeine kick from something that looks like a printer cartridge, but in case you really don't feel like giving up on K-Cups all together, you might as well at least sign a petition to get pressure them to figure out a way to make them more recyclable. I mean... how hard can it be? 

Also, if you dig a feel good story, this petition was also created by the film-makers and the whole thing was an office pet project born out of frustration with their coffee maker's wasteful tendencies. 

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