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Are sports fans the answer?

The answer to getting everyone on the climate change band wagon
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A recent article by Ian Gordon talks about one man's quest to change the way we look at sports and their impact on the environment. How much do you know about your favorite stadium's energy use and waste production? 

The Dallas Cowboys' stadium consumes about 750 megawatt hours of electricity during peak times. That's enough to power a midsize US city.


The NBA burns 12.7 million pounds of coal every year. Luckily, they bought enough renewable energy certificates to offset this coal use.


NHL teams use 321 million gallons of water per year. That's 16.5 gallons for every fan who goes to a game.


Fans at the San Francisco Giant's stadium throw away 162,000 pounds of peanut shells per year. The stadium's staff picks them out for composting!


The Daytona 500 burns through 5,375 gallons of fuel in 3 hours.


The US Tennis Association collected 235 tons of organic waste during the 2014 US Open.


The 2014 World Cup in Brazil generated 2,7 million tons of carbon dioxide, which is about a year's emission of 560,000 cars.

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