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Climate Change

A Remarkable Perspective

This polar bear attack survivor returns to the scene with no hard feelings

This short documentary was shot as collaborative project between VICE and InsideClimate News to recount the story of a polar bear attack on Matt Dyer, a lawyer from Maine who was part of a Sierra Club hiking trip in Labrador, Canada. 

Thankfully he survived with out any major life-altering issues, and remarkably he does not hold a grudge. Matt understands the pressure that polar bears are under to survive in the region given that melting sea ice means disappearing hunting grounds. 

This doc explores the link between climate change and polar bear attacks by having a  journalist and camera crew join Matt as he returns to the scene of his attack with a couple local inuit guides/bodyguards. 

Ironically, the bellwether for our climate troubles is also the last frontier for big oil companies. As the ice melts, it becomes easier to drill for oil under the arctic ocean, but just because we can doesn't mean we should. Check out featured action to sign a petition telling them it's not ok. 

Photo Courtesy of Sierra Club

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