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6 Tips and DIY Ideas to Take Your Apartment to the Next Level

Say goodbye to your old college dorm #imanADULT
Green moss carpet bathmat rug.jpg.original

1. Save water – create your own moss bathmat!


2. Make your own cleaning products for a fraction of the cost, and protect the planet from toxic chemicals.


3. Repurpose old shirts and towels into convenient, reusable cleaning wipes. They'll work better than paper towels and save money.


4. Ditch wasteful paper plates, plastic cutlery, and disposable napkins. You're old enough to leave the kid table.


5. Improve your air quality with colorful plants, like this Chrysanthemum that filters benzene.


6. Eat your greens – and eat them again! Learn how to regrow bok choy and other plants.

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