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14 Tweets That Will Make You Want to Share Your Next Taxi With A Stranger

Because you just never ever know...
Nyc taxi tweets cover.png.original

It should surprise nobody that New York City attracts a lot of people who are influential in media, fashion, finance, and current events around the world. But when many of these in-the-know folks are in the Big Apple, they're just other busy humans trying to get around. 

For this reason, a NYC Taxi driver has been prolifically tweeting out everything he overhears like a fly on the wall, from simple pearls of wisdom to the juiciest celebrity gossip. A lot of his tweets are quite literally unbelievable...but they do make you wonder.

We at Unrth think that one of the coolest benefits of ride-sharing is too often overlooked. There seems to be an inherent bond of trust that forms between humans who sit in the same metal box speeding around town together. Conversations will inevitably start, and this list should help your imagination run wild about where they possibly could go. 

To get in on all this fun, check out our favorite ridesharing app Bandwagon as our featured action. 

Photo courtesy of http://nyctaxicabtales.com/

As in Julia Roberts brother who gave mushrooms to the crew on Entourage? Dope.

For real?

That video needs to surface.

Total. Boss. Move.

Let me guess...to assassinate him?

Good to know.

Say what?! How is that even possible?

Can't wait to hear Andrew Zimmern talking all about it's gamey flavor.

Surely he'll be cool with it as long as noone's left out...

This guy's definitely NOT a wine snob.

Now that would be some nice publicity.

Well they DEFINITELY couldn't have anything to do with fracking.



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