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10 Beautiful Instagrams of the Ocean with Some Not-So-Pretty Facts

How will you help fix the ocean?
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Even though much the trash and waste dumped into the ocean is released hundreds of miles away from land, it still washes up on beaches and coastal areas, and affects everything in between. Every marine animal is affected by man-made chemicals released in the water.


There is an island of garbage twice the size of Texas inside the Pacific Ocean: the North Pacific Gyre off the coast of California is the largest oceanic garbage site in the entire world. There, the number of floating plastic pieces outnumbers total marine life six to one in the immediate vicinity.


Oil is the fastest source of deterioration to the ocean, being far more harmful than trash and waste. However, only a small percentage of oil (around 12%) dumped in the ocean comes as a result of actual oil spills. Most oil causing harm in the ocean is a result of drainage from land.


Toxic metals can destroy the biochemistry, behavior, reproduction, and growth in marine life.


Plastic debris can absorb toxic chemicals from ocean pollution, therefore poisoning whatever eats it.


The dumping of radioactive waste from nuclear reactors, industrial race (such as heavy metals and acids), and drained sewage are also heavy contributors to pollution.


Sewage leads to the decomposition of organic matter that in turn leads to a change in biodiversity.


Fertilizer runoff creates eutrophication that flourishes algal bloom (rapid increase or accumulation in the population of algae in aquatic systems) which depletes the oxygen content in the water that affects marine life.


People get contaminated easily by eating contaminated seafood that can cause serious health problems, from cancer to damage to immune system.


Salty water of ocean has the capability to move pollutants from the ocean into coastal freshwater making wells and groundwater contaminated.

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