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Project Noah
Networked Organisms
Project Noah is the best way to share your wildlife encounters and help document our planet's biodiversity. #1 Education app in the US when launched  ...more
Project Noah is the best way to share your wildlife encounters and help document our planet's biodiversity. ★ #1 Education app in the US when launched ★ Featured by Apple in Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica, South Africa ☆ New & Noteworthy ☆ Apps for the Great Outdoors ☆ Best Free Great Apps ☆ Best Apps for Teachers ☆ Fun Summer Learning for Kids ☆ Apps for Fun in the Sun ☆ Best Back to School Apps See what the buzz is all about: ❝ Wall Street Journal: "For Project Noah, smartphones are the butterfly nets of the 21st century" ❝ National Geographic: "Project Noah harnesses the power of citizen scientists everywhere to discover the world’s organisms" ❝ Economist: "Visionary, engaging and innovative" ❝ BBC: "A modern invention that may hold the key to saving species in the future" ❝ NY Times: "Project Noah lets you take cellphone pictures of bugs and trees and then sends back an identification of the exact type in as little as 24 hours" ➽ Join Project Noah Today! ✔ With our website, www.projectnoah.org, we're building an active community where users can view submissions, help identify species, choose their favorite photos, follow their favorite contributors and discuss their encounters. Users can also make submissions directly from the web. ✔ Our ultimate goal is to build the go-to platform for documenting all the world's organisms. By encouraging the mobile masses to document their encounters with nature, we're building powerful force for data collection and an important educational tool for wildlife awareness and preservation. We hope you'll support us by joining Project Noah today. ✔ Noah stands for networked organisms and habitats. Read on to find out how it all works. ➽ The Project Noah app has 3 modes: ✔ Spottings: Grab a photograph of a plant or animal that you find interesting or want to learn more about, select the appropriate category, confirm your location, add some descriptive tags, and submit it. If you need help identifying species, no prob, just select the check box and the community will suggest species IDs ✔ Location-based Field Guide: See what kinds of plants and animals have been spotted near you and learn more about them. Search through a map view, list view, or grid view of most recent spottings all based on your location. You can filter wildlife by categories so you can explore what you’re most interested in. ✔ Field Missions: We work with labs, environmental groups, and various organizations to help them gather important data for their research projects. Missions can range from photographing squirrels or mushrooms to tracking migrating birds or invasive species. Missions allow users to contribute to ongoing research projects, but they can also be for fun and exploration. ☂ Please send issues and crash reports to support@projectnoah.org

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