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About Us

Welcome to a place where global environmental challenges are met with individual's actions.

Every day our team posts one interesting story about life and our future on Planet Earth.

Each story is paired with a few simple and immediate actions you can take without using more than your two thumbs (and maybe a bit of legal tender).

The creators of Unrth are also its first users - designers, activists, engineers, teachers, and above all, optimists who want to use technology to improve the world we live in.

We understand that creating real-world change is no longer confined to a small circle of boots on the ground because the interwebs now provide us with powerful new tools for data collection, fundraising, and free speech - all around the globe.

As we've witnessed during the past decade, when small individual actions accumulate, we can actually move the needle on important issues impacting our future.

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Here's where you discover mobile apps, fundraisers, and petitions that actually make the world a better place.


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